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Leverage CAC 40® NR X10
NSIN36ZGCISINDE000KB1VC10Product typeLeverage & Short

- 3.56%
31.01.2023 10:40:46
The price displayed for this underlying is merely an indication. It is not a traded price on the reference exchange (see final terms) but an approximated value in real time. The price indication is merely an approximate and non-binding information and has no effect on the redemption price at maturity or (if applicable to the product type) for a knock out or barrier breach event.

Price indications are provided in cooperation with TTMzero.

Indications are generally published between 8am and 10pm. The daily close reflects the last indication price of the day and not the official close at the reference exchange. Absolute and relative changes are based on the close of the indication of the prior day and may vary from the reference exchange values.
31.01.2023 10:40:15
Cac 40 Net Total Return Index
Leveraged index underlying
NameCac 40 Net Total Return Index
ExchangeCiti Indication by TTMZero
Last15,236.76 EUR
Last Date31.01.2023 10:40:47
Underlying Data
Close15,289.74 EUR
Change (absolute) -52.99 EUR
Change (%) -0.35%
Daily High15,327.59 EUR
Daily Low15,196.75 EUR
High (52 weeks)15,496.28 EUR
Low (52 weeks)12,227.36 EUR
Leveraged/Short Underlying
NameCac 40® X10 Leverage Nr
ExchangeCiti Indication by TTMZero
Last3,579.4 EUR
Last Date31.01.2023 10:40:15
Close3,707.88 EUR
Change (absolute) -128.48 EUR
Change (%) -3.47%
Daily High3,781.58 EUR
Daily Low3,544.96 EUR
High (52 weeks)4,060.21 EUR
Low (52 weeks)1,519.5 EUR
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WKNStrikeMaturity dateBidAsk
Base Data
Product TypeLeverage
Issue Date27.03.2020
Maturity Date-
Trading VenueEuronext et Hors-bourse
AFPDB Class2300
Key Data
Management fee/yearly (%)0.20%
Management fee/daily0.000556%
Gap commission/yearly6.00%
Gap commission/daily0.016667%
Reset level9.00%
  • Product Description
    This Leverage on the Leveraged index Cac 40® X10 Leverage Nr allows to take a long position on the Cac 40 Net Total Return Index with a daily leverage of 10. Over a longer period of time, the performance of the leveraged index may be significantly different from the performance of the Cac 40 Net Total Return Index multiplied by the leverage of the certificate Leverage. If the Cac 40 Net Total Return Index records a daily drop lower than or equal to the reset level, the quotes of the certificate will be suspended for a few minutes according to the rules of suspension provided by the regulated market.
  • DerivativeDocumentsWidget: Title
Warrants and Certificates are debt securities. Investors bear the credit risk of the issuer. 
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