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The sale of securities in the area of application of the German Federal Republic and other legal systems may be subject to restrictions. Please consult the relevant prospectus for further information on any additional restrictions.
Securities described on this website are neither available to natural persons or legal entities who or which are domiciled in territories in which this would be in contravention of applicable laws or other legal regulations, nor are prospectuses or other documentation drawn up for marketing purposes issued to them. The securities described here are in particular not registered in accordance with the United States Securities Act 1933 and may therefore neither be offered nor sold in the United States of America. The content of this website is not directed towards persons who are domiciled in the United Kingdom. The products and services described on this website are not made accessible in the United Kingdom.
Risk factors
The securities presented here are mainly high risk investments, which are subject to the general market risks such as the interest risk, exchange rate risk, political risks, company law risks and the current value.
Price fluctuations in the corresponding subscription items influence the value of the securities.
Exchange rate fluctuations of relevant currencies influence the value of the securities.
Security prices are volatile. If the basic value moves contrary to the anticipated direction, losses in connection with the security may be proportionately greater than losses in connection with the basic value.
The securities presented here generally have a limited term and may expire without value; investors should therefore reckon with losses to the amount of the original purchase price (and the transaction fees thus incurred).
Trading and safeguarding
The market for the securities presented here may under certain circumstances be restricted, which may have negative effects on their value and/or the possibility of their sale.
Investors should not rely on being able to sell the securities at a certain time or for a certain sum.
It may happen that investors are unable to safeguard the risks associated with this type of investment. Investors may incur both losses within the framework of any hedging transactions as well as losses in connection with the securities.
Neither the issuer nor a company affiliated with the issuer will give assurances or provide guarantees as regards the performance of the securities, or commit to market making or to repurchase the securities.
Suitability / No advisory services
The securities presented here are typically associated with a high risk and are not necessarily suitable for all investors. The information on this website is of a descriptive and general nature and the products will sometimes neither be suitable for you, nor will they be available.
The securities described on this website should only be sold to experienced investors who are aware of the associated risks and able to bear such risks.
The content of this website does not represent investment, legal or tax advice or recommendations of any kind with regard to the purchase or sale of the option certificates described. Potential investors should ensure that they obtain independent advice and assessment with regard to legal, financial and tax matters and in respect of suitability, legality and the risks associated with the purchase of the securities described on this website.
No offer / Exclusively for information purposes
The contents of this website are solely for information purposes.
The contents of this website represent neither an offer nor an invitation for purchase or sale of the securities described on this website, nor for participation in one of the investment strategies referred to, nor are they part of such an offer or invitation, nor should they be regarded as such an offer or invitation.
Information made available on this website with regard to past performance of securities does not give any indication of future performance and does not represent a guide and is no guarantee in respect of future performance.
Opinions and assessments on this website may be changed at any time without notice.
Taking out loans for the purpose of a purchase
Potential investors should be aware of the risks associated with a loan for the purchase of products, in particular as regards possible losses arising from interest and loan claims. Investors should review their financial situation to check whether they are able to meet the costs for damage arising within the framework of the purchased products and the loans received.
Issuer / Major holdings / Disclosure of holdings
Please note that not all the securities of Citigroup Global Markets Europe AG or its affiliated companies presented here have been issued and that recourse against the issuers may be limited. You will find further information on this in the brochure concerned.
We would like to point out that Citigroup Global Markets Europe AG or other subsidiary companies of Citigroup Inc. (together "Citigroup") act as market makers for securities which are purchased by investors, or for similar or connected securities, or that they may act on their own account. Citigroup may have a business relationship with the issuers of securities which are purchased by investors, or with issuers of similar or associated securities, and in this context receives confidential information relating to the securities. We would also point out that Citigroup may enter into its own positions in connection with such securities, e. g. hedging transactions, which may have a negative effect on the market price, rate, index or other factors in relation to the securities purchased by the investor and therefore also on the value of these securities.
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